Sacrament Meetings

Broadcast Info

Select a unit from the list below to access the sacrament meeting broadcast. Broadcasts are only available live and begin each Sunday (except for General & Stake Conference weekends) approximately 5 minutes prior to the listed time.
All times MST (UTC -7) year-round

All are welcome to view the sacrament meeting broadcasts and feel of the Spirit manifest there.

The main focus of sacrament meeting is for members to partake of the sacrament in order "to remember the Savior’s sacrifice of His flesh and blood and to renew their sacred covenants". (General Handbook, 18.9)

"When possible, Church members should strive to attend meetings in person". (General Handbook, 29.7)

We encourage all who are able to, to attend their ward (or another local ward, if traveling) in person to participate in this ordinance and fellowship with one another.